NexoPOS Extendable PHP Point of Sale

NexoPOS is a business management application for small and medium businesses specialized in buying wholesale and retail. It offers essential tools to monitor and monitor developments of an activity.

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About NexoPOS

This page will explain exactly what is NexoPOS.

NexoPOS is a web application designed using the PHP programming language. It uses several resources that allow it to provide useful features for any business wishing to create a point of sale.
It is mainly based on CodeIgniter, but uses a development tool called Tendoo CMS.

This software can be used by several companies specialized in buying wholesale to retail sales. Clothes shops are mainly indexed by NexoPOS but also holders of constructions accessories shop, furniture, electronics, perfumes shop can use NexoPOS.

NexoPOS needs a PHP server compatible to run. You can install it locally or online on a remote server. There are several softwares (Xampp, MAMP) which you can install on your various operating systems to use NexoPOS. The special feature of web applications is that they are intended to be used from any operating system.


  • Inventory management
  • Sales Management with various payment means
  • Printing Received orders
  • Printing items labels
  • Purchases Invoices
  • Pricing based on customer groups
  • Reduction automatically after a specified number of purchase
  • Daily report
  • Monthly report
  • Best Customers Report
  • Report on the best articles
  • Report on the best categories
  • Report on monitoring the stock
  • Report on the best collections of items

Table of Contents

Understanding NexoPOS requires learning how to use it. We grouped in this user documentation, all you need to know to install NexoPOS on your server, to sales.

About NexoPOS

This page will explain exactly what is NexoPOS.