NexoPOS Extendable PHP Point of Sale

NexoPOS is a business management application for small and medium businesses specialized in buying wholesale and retail. It offers essential tools to monitor and monitor developments of an activity.

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How to setup NexoPOS

This page allows you to perform the configurations required to use NexoPOS.

Now it's time to setup NexoPOS, since we have already installed NexoPOS. On the dashboard menu (on left), scroll until you can see "Nexo Settings" menu.

We'll review each Nexo Settings menu items.

General Settings

This section host all your shop details such as :

  • Shop Name
  • Shop Phone Number
  • Shop Street
  • PO Box
  • Shop Email
  • Shop Fax
  • Bills notes
  • Additional details

In the right side, you have :

  • Sound effet for checkout
  • Activity (to track user activity)

You're free from that place to set any information you want.

Special case of sound effects

When enabled, during action performance on the checkout, a sound is enabled according to the action. It may be during action confirmation prompt and when a notice is displayed.

About User Activity History

When enabled, this option let NexoPOS to track every action performed by any user. This features save actions into the database, and because of this, it may takes more place over the database.
If tracking of "who do what" is important, you're free to enable this feature. Check this post to know how " User actions tracking " is working on NexoPOS.

Stripe Settings

Before using Stripe, you must ensure that it's enabled and that you provide all necessary information. Including the "secret key" and "publishable key".

You will find this information by accessing your Stripe account.

Don't forget to save your settings on Stripe Settings page.

SMS Settings

Since 2.6.1, NexoPOS support SMS invoice using Twilio as SMS provider. you can now send invoice to customer after each purchases.

Read this to know how it works.

Checkout Settings

Checkout settings host every options which interact with the checkout screen. This page cant allow you to :

Enable VAT
You can with NexoPOS use VAT taxes.

Set currency symbol
You're free to set any symbol here.

Currency ISO format
Required if you want to use Stripe.

Currency position compared the amount
You can set before or after the amount.

Receipt theme
Only one theme is available by default.

Enabling auto print for receipt
Enabling auto print will print an order each time it's complete and saved.

Enable SMS invoice
Will enable SMS invoice for each complete order. Read this for more informations.

Enable Numeric Pad
Enable numeric pad. Suitable for use on tablets and smartphones or on screens with touch support enabled.

Quote order expiration
Quote orders means "Products still at the shop, but they are reserved". So during a specified days, theses products won't be sold. You can define after how many days a quote order is valid. Enter 0 to disable automatic deletion.

Items Settings

These settings are concerned by shop items. This is the place where you can :
Set barcode type
NexoPOS support 5 barcode type by defaut : EAN8, EAN13, CODE_128, TYPE_MSI, CODABAR

Barcode height (don't change this setting unless you know what you do)

Barcode width (don't change this setting unless you know what you do)

Barcode number.
If this number is more elevated, the barcodes will have more little lines, and will be hard to read for barcode scanners.

Resample all barcodes of items
This option is useful when you're changing barcode number length. To apply a same length to the entire items collection, you'll have to resample barcodes.

Item Labels theme
If you plan to add labels with barcode and description to the shop physical items, this setting let you edit label printing theme.

Save settings where you're done.

Before resampling

Make sure to select a barcode type first and save settings. After that, you can resample barcodes.

Customer Settings

This settings screen let you :

Enable discount for registered customer
As loyalty system, all customer can be rewarded according to his purchases.

Set after how many purchases the discount is enabled
You can set after how many purchases the customer can benefit a discount. You can from the checkout screen disable automatic discount. See How to proceed a sales on NexoPOS.

Define a percentage off
According to the value of the cart, a customer can receive a percentage discount. You can also enable scheduled discount, You can also schedule discount, see How to schedule discount on NexoPOS.

Define a flat discount
You can set a fixed amount which will be applied each time a customer should benefit a discount.

Define the default Customer Account
Each customer won't share their details and should however profit from default rules applied to each unnamed customer. See How to create customer on NexoPOS

Reset Settings

Use it wisely. this is a sensitive part on settings, that's why only "store manager" and master user can reset the shop.

At the end of this you should have

How to setup NexoPOS

This page allows you to perform the configurations required to use NexoPOS.